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Monday, December 21, 2015

72 Lists of URL Shorteners

Here in my site a list of URL Shortener that pays, that if you signed up for free at their site and used their link shortener, through the use of their link shortener, there is a minimum number of website visitors  that you must have in order  to get paid… Give it a try…

My Lists of URL Shorteners that Pays

Tested and confirmed by top members as the highest paying url shorteners currently online...

URL Shorteners are used to help longer URLs to be transform into manageable links that almost never exceeded 20 characters. 

These URL Shorteners are not new in the industry- examples of which are, tinyurl,,,, linkshrink, Some url shortener once being clicked, requires captcha before landing on the expected  page.

Url Shorteners can provide users useful features, they can be transformed into social media services, they can track and compile click data, and they make links manageable.

They help describe the content,  that are lengthy and are not easy to share on emails, web pages, and especially social media services.

25 URL Shortener Tools/ Websites
site :  tiny._cc
site  :
site :

4. Rubyurl also known as
site:  Rubyurl
5. Moourl
site :
7. Ka.lm
site :  ka.lm

site :
site :

10. Tinyurl
site :
11. Shrten

12. Miniurl
site:  MiniURL

13. Snipurl
site:  :SnipURL

site :

15. Idek
17. W3t
site:  W3t

19. Dwarful
site :

20. Doiop
21. Smallurl
iste : smarllURL

22. Notlong
site :
23. Fyad
site :

site :

26. -  your own url shortener

27. – free and simple URL Shortening Service that provides stats with no user registration required
28. BIGLY- bigly.u– create short urls from your longer website urls. No registration required. Completely free to use. Earn revenue. It provides the ultimate benefits to short and custom URLs. Shrink, Share and earn Money.
29. Tiny Irish Url Shortener – Ireland’s fastest leading URL Shortener Service
30.  Bitrz URL Shortener – a URL Shortener with custom aliases, geo-targeting, advanced statistics and custom splash.

31.  TJebbe-  make your long url short with or without an account. See the statistics, sort in bundles or get a QR- Code. Share the shortened url on facebook or twitter.  In different languages: English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol, and Netherlands.
32. – an awesome free URL Shortener with real short URL’s recently made public
33.– create short urls from your longer website urls. No registration required. It is completely free to use.
– shrink, share and track your links
35. is a free URL shortener service that turns a long URL into a much shorter ones.
36.  GhostShortener
38. – fast and easy to use url shortener service

Here in my site a list of URL Shortener that pays, that if you signed up for free at their site  and used their link shortener, through the use of their link shortener, there is a minimum number of website visitors  that you must have before  to get paid… Give it a try…

Other URL Shorteners that pays
Tested and confirmed by top members as the highest paying url shorteners currently online...
1. –  free url shortening service that will pay you $4 for 1000 visitors. You can Also refer users and earn 20% commission, $5 is minimum payout through Paypal Or Alertpay.
2. – free url shortening service website, earn $4 for 1000 visitors, refer users and get 20% commission. $5 is minimum payout with Paypal.

3. – a modern and free url shortener that pays $4 per 1000 visits, 20% referral commission,  $5 minimum payout through Paypal.

4. – link shortener that pays, get paid up to $3 per visitor, $10 minimum payout, via Moneybookers, PayPal and Amazon vouchers.

5. – url forwarding and shortening service, members earn up to 90% of URLCash’s income. You also make 35% of what your referrals earns!

6. – the url shortening service that pays you, earn $2 for 1000 visitors,  $10 is minimum payout with Paypal.

 7. – free url shortening service, earn $4/1000 visitors, 20% of referral commission, $5 minimum payout through Paypal.

8. – free url shortener whose name associate on Google, earn $10 for your link visitors or 20% from your referrals, payout with Paypal.

9. – a simple and free url shortener service, share links and track links.

10. – Share the link with your friends, and each time they want to visit the original link that you locked they will have to complete an offer in order to proceed. Each completed offer brings you $$.

11.– url shortener as well for twitter, facebook.

12.  filemonas-  is another popular url shortener to earn money.  It provides around $1-$2 according to traffic location.  They also have referral program in which they provide 10% commission for lifetime.

13. - This is fastest growing network just because they offer better rates, features and interface which attract users. You can earn upto $10 from for 1000 views. Minimum Payout is $5 via Paypal.

14. - You can get 2$ to 5$ per 1000 views on your shorten URL.  The minimum payout is 10$ which is quite high than other URL shortening companies and you can also get commissions from referral system.

15.  Linkshrink-  pays $2 to $5 and the minimum payout is $5. Through referral system you can get 10 % commission from your referral. It is the best and innovative company which pays good rates to their customers. You can register free and earn money to share your links on internet.

16.  is new URL shortening company and It will give you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and the minimum cash out is 5$. If your are not satisfy with payout then you can earn money from referral system.  It will gives you 20% commissions on referrals. is a user friendly and you can securely get your payment through Paypal and Payoneer.

17. - is another fastest growing new network with amazing features and service. offer upto $5 per 1000 views and they guarantees for minimum $1.50 for 1000 views. Minimum Payout is $5 via PayPal and other payment methods are also available.

18. – is another best and legal URL shortener website. It is the number one competitor of It has great Google page rank and very high.  By promoting your Shorten URL you can get  0.5$ to 3$. The minimum payout is $10.  It has paid out more than $1.2 Million USD. Other competitors only pay for unique traffic while Linkbucks pay for all your traffic. Advertising programs are also there, so you can advertise with linkbucks.

19. is another URL shortening service to make money. offers rates between $1 to $10 for different regions.  Having 3 account format in basic one is free and other with advance features are premium.  They also refer program where they provide 20% commission rates. Minimum payout is $1 via paypal, payza, and $20 via payoneer payment.

20. – is another URL Shortening service, they provide mash URL shrinking and page script for creating short URL Victly is newly founded and fastest growing service with good interface. They pay maximum $10 for 1000 views. Minimum payout of victly is $10 via Paypal.

Other URL Shorteners that will help you as well... Keep reading.

Adfly is a very popular url shortener with top quality features. They are almost known to every short link earners online. Members can earn shortening their links and referring members. The cashout methods are paypal and payoneer. And the minimum cashout requirement is $5. They are a very close rival of linkbucks and has almost everything found on linkbucks. Linkbucks and Adfly are most join!

Ad7 is the number 3 of the top 10 paying url shorteners. It is a url shortener with real time statistics that help members to view what is going on with their clicks and earnings. They have great tools such as mass shrinker, easy link and website plugin. Your link visitors can only wait for just 5 seconds before they can proceed to your link destination which is worth waiting for. The cashout method is paypal and the cashout is automatic.

Blvme is a CPA link service a little different from the top 10 paying url shorteners listed here. Once your link is locked, any visitor that wants to gain access to your file or content will have to fill out a small survey or alternatively pay a little amount of money before they access the file or content. And you are paid for every survey completed. The cashout method is paypal. is a new paying url shorteners among the top 10 paying url shorteners. Every visitor to your short links has little and unnoticeable 5 seconds delay before they can access your content. They also have nice payment method such as payoneer, payza and paypal. is a top paying url shortener with modern innovation and ever increasing membership base. Members can as well shrink their link, share them and earn money just like other url shorteners here. However, cashout method is only paypal which could be a disadvantage to paypal non supported countries.

Coinurl is another url shortener with high pay. Members can short, share and earn money with their link and also use their websites locker code so that every visitor will have to fill a small survey before that proceed to your file destination which earns user money whenever they completed the survey. Bitcoin and the minimum 0.01 BTC.

Cashyourfiles is a combination of url shortening features and pay per download site feature. Members can either shrink their link or lock their files and earn when someone click or download it. The cashout methods are paypal, payza direct bank deposit and minimum cashout is $10. is a new paying link shrink and link locker site. Members can earn money either by per click or per download just like cashyourfiles.  The payment methods are paypal and payza while the minimum requirement for each cashout is $5.

Shrinkonce is a url shortener among the top 10 paying url shorteners with the combination of both link shrinker and link locker, that is every visitor to your link will have to complete a small survey before they can proceed to the link destination. Paypal and payza are the cashout methods and $10 is the minimum cashout.
Now you have the top 10 paying url shorteners, it is time to make your choice. Wish you all the best in whichever websites you choose to join among the top 10 paying ur shorteners.

Additional  URL Shorteners already sold their site to,  is another top adfast similar site. Url Shortener too.  They pay up to $4 per / 1000 clicks and the minimum cashout is $5.00 through paypal.

adtwixt already sold their site to…  is also a new url shortener among paying Linkbucks alternatives. They started 6 months ago. They are fast growing in numbers and claimed to be one of the best paid url shorteners.
You can take a look at them. but be careful for sites like this don’t last online, they always end up scam. The minimum payout is $10 via paypal. is a new url shorteners that seem to be truthful url shortener..  The minimum payout is $2.50 which can be withdrawn via paypal, payza, liberty reserve and skirill. They are the best after linkbucks, adfly and adfast. also a url shortener . - is probably the shortest independent tiny url premium shortener worldwide